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Quartz worktops offer some advantages over granite and marble. Colours and textures not naturally occuring are available, composites cannot be beaten for its imperviousness to heat and water. All in all the quartz worktop ranges that we carry cover all the bases: Colours, Finishes, Anti Bacterial and price ....there is something for everyone.

Call us on 01727 731248 or E-mail enquiries@directstone.co.uk today and we will help you get the perfect quartz/composite worktop.

Dupont Zodiac Quartz/composite  surfaces colour design range Zodiac  |  Silestone  |  Arenastone
DuPontTM Zodiaq® is an advanced composite material made of 93% quartz, a DuPont proprietary binding polymer and pigments developed for one purpose: to create a new material with its own depth and character and a unique aesthetic, suggesting a sense of enlightened luxury and an attitude of bold sophistication. With a cool, fresh, sparkling look, Zodiaq® catches and reflects light, capturing the radiance of quartz crystal. Zodiaq® also has unusual clarity and consistency of colour, qualities which
Dupont Zodiac logo
combined with exceptional strength and durability, offer great potential for use in both horizontal and vertical applications. Zodiaq® also offers an alternative to the polished finish with Concrete Block , a collection of stylish matt finish colours in neutral tones inspired by classic urban architectural materials Zodiaq® is the original quartz surface material made by DuPont.

Dupont Zodiac: Snow White Dupont Zodiac: Alabaster Dupont Zodiac: Barley Dupont Zodiac: Riviera Beige Dupont Zodiac: Argil Brown Dupont Zodiac: Lavender Dupont Zodiac: Alpha Brown Dupont Zodiac: Espresso Brown Dupont Zodiac: Earth Brown Dupont Zodiac: Arctic Blue Dupont Zodiac: Gravel Grey Dupont Zodiac: Midnight Black Dupont Zodiac: Chalk White Dupont Zodiac: Papyrus Dupont Zodiac: Olive Green Dupont Zodiac: Silver Grey Dupont Zodiac: Slate Grey Dupont Zodiac: Tornado Blue Dupont Zodiac: Indus Red Dupont Zodiac: Mulberry Dupont Zodiac: Vela Brown Dupont Zodiac: Celestial Blue Dupont Zodiac: Galaxy Black Dupont Zodiac: Cloud White Dupont Zodiac: Cygnus Pearl Dupont Zodiac: Sand Beige Dupont Zodiac: Concrete Grey Dupont Zodiac: Clay Brown Dupont Zodiac: Sterling Dupont Zodiac: Terracotta Dupont Zodiac: Mahogany Brown Dupont Zodiac: Space Black Dupont Zodiac: Vortex Black Dupont Zodiac: Charcoal Black

Silestone Quartz/composite  surfaces colour design range Zodiac  |  Silestone  |  Arenastone
Silestone presents the only collection on the market that offers solid colours: Zen. A new line incorporating a clean beauty with soft, minimalist and relaxing tones. An exclusive range where the world of sensations blends into the world of emotions.
Silestone logo

Zen Silestone Zen: Gedatsu Silestone Zen: Haiku Silestone Zen: Koan Silestone Zen: Satori Silestone Zen: Unsui
Stone Silestone Stone: Beige Daphne Silestone Stone: Blanco Capri Silestone Stone: Marron Jupiter Silestone Stone: Mont Blanc Silestone Stone: Perla Diana
Silestone Tropical Forest: Blanco Maple Silestone Tropical Forest: Brazilian Brown Silestone Tropical Forest: Ebony Pearl Silestone Tropical Forest: Ivory Coast Silestone Tropical Forest: Mahogany Silestone Tropical Forest: Rainforest
River Silestone River: Amazon Silestone River: Blanco Dali Silestone River: Mississippi Silestone River: Nile Silestone River: Rhine Silestone River: Sonora Gold Silestone River: Tigris Sand Silestone River: Yukon

Arenastone Quartz/composite  surfaces colour design range Zodiac  |  Silestone  |  Arenastone
Arenastone Worktops offer an alternative to Granite. Often less expensive, Arenastone is a Quartz based surface offering increased colour consistency and pattern than Granite. Where as Granite is formed solely
Arenastone logo
by a 100% natural makeup, Quartz is man-made and can be made into a wider variety of colours. So whether you are replacing your existing worktops or buying a brand new kitchen, customers who are looking for a specific colour or pattern will be impressed from our vast selection of Quartz surfaces.

Arenastone: Crema Soave Arenastone: Bruno Re Arenastone: Nero Ebano Arenastone: Asti Bianco Arenastone: Nero Stelline Arenastone: Parigi Blu Arenastone: Blu Stelline Arenastone: Bianco Stelline Arenastone: Crema Stelline Arenastone: Rosso Bardolino Arenastone: Bianco Puro Arenastone: Crema Romano Arenastone: Verde Notte Arenastone: Grigio Platino Arenastone: Rosso Stelline Arenastone: Grigio Nuvolo Arenastone: Bianco Rughe Arenastone: Bruno Cioccolato Arenastone: Bruno Caffe Arenastone: Bruno Rughe Arenastone: Bruno Sasso Arenastone: Crema Osso Arenastone: Crema Rughe Arenastone: Cielo Stelline Arenastone: Verde Olivo Arenastone: Crema Venato Arenastone: Crema Sierra Arenastone: Crema Sasso Arenastone: Soave Madreperla Arenastone: Rosso Corsa Arenastone: Nero Rughe Arenastone: Grigio Serena Arenastone: Viola Stelline
Silestone Zen: Gedatsu

Silestone Zen: Haiku

Silestone Zen: Koan

Silestone Zen: Satori

Silestone Zen: Unsui

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