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Natural Stone: Granite Worktops and Marble Vanities, London. DirectStone Ltd is an experienced stone masonry company and we have fitted granite kitchen worktops, marble vanities and specialist stone cladding to bathrooms and halls throughout London and the Soth East.

Kitchen Worktops: Granite is especially popular for kitchen worktops as it is exceptionally hard wearing, impervious to water and oil and takes a high polish. Available in a myriad of colours a granite worktop is a popular London choice.

Limestone and marble are perfect for vanity tops, bath surrounds and for wall cladding. Softer and more subtle than many of the granites our wide selection of beautiful marbles and limestones will complement whatever design scheme you have in mind.

We are also a growing stone and porcelain tile supplier, specialising in project work across the UK. Stone Fabrication is a specialist trade and since you only want to buy your granite worktop once buy it from a reputable and professional company like DirectStone Ltd. Call 01727 731248 or email enquiries@directstone.co.uk today for a quote and help choosing your perfect granite worktop
Image showcasing DirectStone stone cladding installation in London
Granite Granite  |  Marble  |  Limestone
Granite: Angolan Black
Angolan Black
Granite: Angolan Gold
Angolan Gold
Granite: Antique Brown
Antique Brown
Granite: Baltic Brown
Baltic Brown
Granite: Blue Pearl
Blue Pearl
Granite: Emerald Pearl
Emerald Pearl
Granite: Giallo Veneziano
Giallo Veneziano
Granite: Kashmir Gold
Kashmir Gold
Granite: Kashmir White
Kashmir White
Granite: Labrador Antique
Labrador Antique
Granite: Sapphire Brown
Sapphire Brown
Granite: Star Galaxy
Star Galaxy
Granite: Steel Grey
Steel Grey
Granite: Tan Brown
Tan Brown
Granite: Uba Tuba
Uba Tuba
Granite: Volga Blue
Volga Blue
Granite: Jasberg honed
Jasberg honed
Granite: Jasberg polished
Jasberg polished
Granite: Cosmos Extra
Cosmos Extra
Granite: Juperana Persa
Juperana Persa
Granite: Premium Black
Premium Black
Granite: Tempest Green
Tempest Green
Marble Granite  |  Marble  |  Limestone
Marble: Arabescato
Marble: Calacatta Oro
Calacatta Oro
Marble: Bianco Carrara
Bianco Carrara
Marble: Crema Marfil
Crema Marfil
Marble: Nero Marquina
Nero Marquina
Marble: Perlato Olympo
Perlato Olympo
Marble: Thassos
Marble: Emperador
Marble: Onyx
Marble: Botticino Classico
Botticino Classico
Marble: Marron Imperial
Marron Imperial
Marble: Nero Portoro
Nero Portoro
Marble: Onyx Ivory
Onyx Ivory
Marble: Rojo Alicante
Rojo Alicante
Marble: Rose Aurora
Rose Aurora
Marble: Statuaretto
Marble: Statuary
Limestone Granite  |  Marble  |  Limestone
Limestone: Jura Golden Beige Honed
Jura Golden Beige Honed
Limestone: Mocca Creme
Mocca Creme
Limestone: Simyra
Limestone: Fatima clair
Fatima clair
Limestone: Hebron Gold
Hebron Gold
Limestone: Antalya cream
Antalya cream
Limestone: Thala beige
Thala beige
Limestone: Jura Blue Grey
Jura Blue Grey

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